• SB_LP_3

    We L.O.V.E. Lindsay.  With typical southern hospitality, Sun Bum welcomed it’s newest Ambassador and friend, Lindsay Perry, for the funnest (not a word) Sonny’s Porch… read more →

  • The-Latest_SWIMM_RayRoy

    We had a couple friends in town this weekend and threw together an impromptu show at the office with bands SWIMM and FayRoy. Despite stormy… read more →

  • Matt Costa on Sonny's Porch

    We had such a rad time hanging with singer-songwriter Matt Costa at our Cocoa Beach office earlier this week. Matt and his crew rolled up… read more →

  • We thought it was time we share the love with you. Enjoy.

      As a beach lifestyle company, the girls associated with our brand have learned a lot about beach hair over the years. They’ve developed their… read more →

  • 2015 Sonny Awards

      The 2014 Sonny Awards Presented by Sun Bum. Sun Bum is stoked to announce the 2014 Sonny Award winners. And the Sonny goes to…… read more →